Trajectory, Collaboration, Brainstorming and Tools... Let's go!

Welcome to this week's TAO!

As promised, every Wednesday you will receive:

  1. Something to Ponder
  2. Something to Act on
  3. And something to Share

Helping you to be strategic towards your destination. Tactical in your journey towards it. And helping you build the mindset to survive both.

Let's jump in!

Something to Ponder 🤯:

Any business truly dedicated to a trajectory of growth, will only achieve that success through learning to work more effectively with others.

Be it customers, partners, suppliers or each other. You need to work with others efficiently, effectively and most importantly, like humans!

I realise the last one is a little weird, at first glance, but hear me out.

When working with clients, especially startup clients (oddly), there is very often a reluctance to work directly with others.

Systems and processes are put in the way of human conversation.

  • Live streams with one-way chat commentary.
  • Customer interaction through AI-driven live chat.
  • Projects run through cloud tools and messaging.
  • Actions being sent over email rather than jumping on a video call.

Barriers are put up, where technology is used to distance teams from real human interaction.

Yet it's that real human interaction and the relationships built from them, that lead to some of the best work. And some of the even better outcomes.

That's what i'd like you to ponder on this week! 😉👍

Something to Act on 🔥:

Schedule a brainstorming session with a colleague, mentor, or mastermind group. Remember, two minds are better than one!

We all have people we know we can pick the brains of.

So your action this week is to do just that.

If you have something you need to work on, then get a small group together and work through that problem 😉

And if you can't find someone, then drop a message to me instead... We can chat it through together! 💪

And something to Share 🤝:

What's one collaboration tool or platform that has helped you connect and work effectively with others?

Let me know what the best tool is you just can't work without.

Mine is simple, basic and I use it every day.

Google Workspace.

Gmail, Google Drive, Google Meet, Google Docs, Google Sheets.

You name it, I use it.

And I use them all, on the daily!

So what's yours? 🤔

See you next week...!


P.S. This week's Dad Joke is a classic (as always!)

I've got a couple of hand puppets for sale...

You fancy taking them off my hands? 😉

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