Your career trajectory is yours to control. A great COO understands the importance of business operations that empower individuals and not just the business...

Beyond the Curveballs

Careers are full of challenges. But how you handle them defines your path.

The likes of Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Bill Gates. They and many others like them are considered to be visionaries, entrepreneurs and leaders among their peers.

Considered by vast numbers of people as those to learn from and to emulate.

Their success was because of AND in spite of the curveballs they were served. The looked beyond those curveballs to see the opportunities that existed there.

Taking Responsibility

While timing can play a role, successful people actively pursue their goals.

They aren't afraid to change course or explore new options (Plan B, C, or Q!).

Likewise, in a stagnant role, it's up to you to advocate for yourself or find a new opportunity.

Great COOs Can Help

As a COO myself, I can tell you, I have helped a great many people navigate their career over the years. And I have done so, with decisive operational leadership.

An experienced COO brings a strategic perspective and can help you:

  • Identify your ideal role and career goals.
  • Develop a plan to achieve those goals.
  • Improve your operational efficiency within your current role.
  • Market yourself effectively to potential employers.
  • Negotiate your compensation and benefits package.

Shifting Your Mindset

Many view their job as something "owned" by the company. But consider:

  • Can you give yourself a raise?
  • Can you take time off without permission?
  • Can you choose your replacement?

The reality is, you're playing a specific role within the company. Speaking to someone with experience of this can help you transform your perspective:

  • From emotional attachment to a job.
  • To professional dedication to your role.

Taking Action

Don't wait for a dream opportunity that may never come. If a path isn't working, explore alternatives.

  • Identify new and exciting possibilities.
  • Develop a data-driven approach to career decisions.
  • Negotiate a smooth transition to a new role.

When I look at my own career... In my early career, I sometimes stayed too long in a position, waiting for that break that never came.

If I knew then what I do now, I would have been the architect of my own desired outcome.

If one path did not work, I would have tried another, then another, until I felt that all options had been exhausted.

At that point, I would have simply made the logical choice to move to pastures new.

Happy in myself that I did all that I was able to do, or willing to do according to my ethics, to reach my desired goal.

It is not giving up in my opinion (even though it is often labelled as such).

It is making the intelligent and logical choice to apply wisdom when it comes to choosing the paths you take.

If the time comes where the desired goal no longer meets our willingness to accept the path to reach it... The start looking for a different path.

There are more options than you may think, to achieve the outcomes you wish to strive for.

Remember: You're in Control

Companies can replace roles, but your career is yours to define.

It is a subtle but powerful difference!

Ready to change your path?

Let's chat about how a Fractional COO can help you chart a course towards your dream career. Drop me a message at my profile on LinkedIn, Dan Holloway!

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