In the world of business, job titles can be deceiving.

Sure, a "marketing manager" manages marketing activities, but what truly matters are the underlying capabilities that drive success.

Here, i'll delve into the 4 key people capabilities, as I see it, that every business needs... Regardless of size or structure.

Understanding these capabilities is crucial for a Fractional COO or Chief Operating Officer when building and optimising a team for operational efficiency.

Here they are:

The Backbone: The "Doers"

Think of the "doers" as the "boots on the ground."

These are the individuals who execute day-to-day tasks, keeping the business engine running.

Sales reps closing deals, customer service providing exceptional support, finance teams ensuring smooth cash flow – the list goes on.

As a business scales, the number of "doers" needed grows proportionally.

The Glue: The Managers

Managers, as the name implies, manage.

They oversee workflows, delegate tasks, monitor performance, and ensure adherence to service level agreements (SLAs) and operational level agreements (OLAs).

A skilled manager acts as the glue that holds a team together, ensuring everyone functions smoothly and efficiently.

The Strategists: The Directors

Directors provide strategic direction. They collaborate with managers to develop processes, formulate strategies, and identify innovative approaches to achieve business goals.

Think of them as master strategists, devising intelligent, data-backed plans, to propel the business forward.

The Visionaries: Setting the Course

Visionaries are the ultimate game-changers.

They possess the crucial capability of vision. They envision the future state of the business, define its core values, and set the long-term direction.

Without this vision, the efforts of directors, managers, and "doers" can become misdirected.

Imagine a group climbing a ladder towards success.

While managers ensure efficient movement up the rungs.

The visionary ensures that the ladder is leaning against the right wall in the first place.

(As Stephen Covey famously stated).

A Well-Oiled Machine

These four capabilities work in beautiful harmony.

The "doers" execute, managers ensure smooth operation, directors strategise, and visionaries set the course.

When these capabilities are present and functioning cohesively, a business thrives.

For those businesses who are not yet in a position to afford a full-time, experienced Chief Operating Officer, a Fractional COO can play a vital role in fostering this synergy instead.

By recognising and nurturing these essential capabilities within a team, they can create a well-oiled machine primed for success.

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