Welcome to my newsletter. Lovingly called 'The Art of Operations' (or 'TAO' for short)...

Here I will be sharing weekly content, every Wednesday.

Each newsletter will be based around the same consistent theme and structure.

Each will be succinct, strategic and tactical. Including one of each of these three things:

  1. Something to Ponder
  2. Something to Act on
  3. And something to Share

Let's break down what you'll get each week:

Something to Ponder 🤯:

Operations and running a successful, efficient and effective business, all require clarity of thought.

More than that however, they require a growth mindset.

And you can't have a growth mindset, unless your mind is in a state of growth.

Hence, pondering to ensue!

Something to Act on 🔥:

Successful operations and a growing business requires action.

It's all too easy to stagnate or to become complacent.

So allow me to light a little fire under your seat. With sparks of firery joy every week to keep those embers going...

And something to Share 🤝:

Any business truly dedicated to a growth trajectory, will only achieve success through working with others.

Operations specifically is far more about people, than it ever will be about process, tech or documentation!

Let's get that collaboration going, shall we?

And because I'm a jolly chap, I may include a P.S. with the best (in my opinion) 'Dad Joke' I've seen that week 🤣.

So subscribe for free and I'll see you in the next newsletter! 😉

Until then!


P.S. The Dad Jokes are going to be especially amazing. My wife only rolls her eyes at most of them, so that keeps me optimistic!

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